How to Prepare Yourself for a Corporate Interview

Was the last time that you attended a job interview when you first applied at your local corner store or fast-food restaurant? While this application and interview may have been successful, attending an interview for a corporate employer requires different tactics.


If you are looking for help to prepare for a corporate level interview, keep reading.


What Can You Tell Me About the Company?

The first question that you will likely be asked will regard how much you know about the company. And while it’s a reasonable enough question; It’s also a loaded question.


The interviewer doesn’t care if you know about the range of products which the company sells or which sports team they sponsor. Those are the answers they expect from somebody looking to work in a cubicle. Instead, the interviewer will be looking for more. Much, much more.


Here is what you will need to research to be in a position to provide a solid answer to this, and any follow up questions regarding this question.


Where Does the Company Sit in Its Market?

The best place to start is with knowledge about recent changes within the company, such as adjustments to its subscriber growth rate forecast or even management changes. However, these are just to start. Here’s what you will need to research to provide a solid answer:


  • How does each of the company’s product lines compare with its rivals? When considering this, be sure that you are using accurate metrics to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples.
  • Where is the company the most dominant? In addition to this, take it further and consider where the company has the most footing to lose and where it is already at risk of losing market share.
  • If the company operates online, like the Groupon Coupons page for Birchbox, look into this sales model to learn about overhead, operating, and employee costs, and consider ways for the company to improve its processes or even reduce some of its line items.
  • If the company utilizes outsourcing models, find out which ones and which providers and learn more about the companies. If you can see a potential for the company to provide better service through a range of alternate providers, consider this a tip which you can use to show that you have done your research and are ready to hit the ground running should they hire you.
  • Are there are regulatory challenges which the company is facing or any which you anticipate the company will come up against. If you have any ideas on how these regulatory barriers can be lowered, your interview is the place to bring them into the open.


It’s a lot of information to research, no doubt, but it’s also the level of research that an interviewer will expect during a corporate level interview.


To finish, the best tip that you can keep in your mind when attending any interview is to just be yourself. There will be many candidates just as qualified as you are, so rely on your personality and your charm to deliver the above information and responses in a personable way.